Based on the exquisite taste of company founder Crystal; LaBoom was created in 2015. LaBoom by Crystal is an exclusive self tanning line that delivers a high quality tanning formula for the deepest, darkest natural tan. Each one of our products has skin nourishing extracts and complex vitamins that bind moisture to the skin, while helping diminish signs of aging.

LaBoom by Crystal will instantly illuminate your skin with a natural bronzing glow. Our bronzers will give you an instant deep natural color while your tan gradually develops. All of our ingredients were carefully selected to maintain a healthy tan and replenish your skin. Please check out the ingredients page to see all of the natural, organic elements the lotion, exfoliator, mousse, spray and extender have to offer.

All Products are proudly made and owned in the USA. Each product has been carefully formulated with premium skin care ingredients to provide a quality product you can not find anywhere else. Crystal has put her passion and hard work into designing not only the product, but this lifestyle. Crystal has worked on refining each one of her products for over two years ensuring that they are the most effective and highest quality you can find on the market. Her hopes are to share those with you, through her LaBoom Line!

“My main goal in life is to share my passions with the world and the first step is to provide the products that I have customized for the perfect natural tan. Glistening on the beach has never been easier with my LaBoom Shimmer Tan Extender. I’m truly excited and blessed to be able to share my passions with everyone.”Crystal, President & CEO
LaBoom isn’t just a Product, It’s a Lifestyle

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