Self Tanning Tips for A Flawless Look

We are all in search of the perfect tan. With the heightened awareness of skin cancer and the dangers of tanning beds and laying out in the sun, more people are looking for safe alternatives to a sun-kissed look. We are also all aware of terrible tanning mishaps- think oompa lumpa or 2018 Met Gala Selena Gomez.

Going overboard with self tanning products or not knowing the simple techniques for a gorgeous glow can leave you feeling more blah than beautiful. A tan makes you look skinnier and feel sexier. With warmer weather arriving, it’s time to ditch the pale skin and show some color! We’re here to break down all of the self tanning tips for a flawless look.

Tip 1: Prep your skin

Preparing your body beforehand is the first step to self-tanning. Prior to tanning, you’ll want to exfoliate. Scrub the dead skin cells from your body and ensure that your tan has a fresh base to be applied to. Check out LaBoom Exfoliator.

Tip 2: Use a tanning mitt to avoid orange hands

Nothing screams fake tan more than having streaks or funky, orange hands. Use a high quality mitt to apply your tanning product in a circular motion and to save your hands from appearing unnatural.

Tip 3: Get the correct shade

We’ve all been guilty of picking the wrong shade at some point in our self tanning days. Some products offer varying shades to choose from. However, it’s best to use a product that delivers a natural-looking tan and to build your base from that. You don’t want to overdo your shade. Gradually building upon your base for a deeper color is the key. For a more exotic and darker look, be sure to have a solid base color first. For a more tanned look, check out LaBoom Extreme Self Tanning Mousse.

Tip 4: Moisturize & Hydrate

After your tan has developed and you’ve given it the appropriate amount of time to settle (4+ hours), it’s crucial that you moisturize your skin. This is going to prolong the life of your self tan. Stay away from heavily scented products and moisturizers which can strip away your tan. Stick with unscented and natural products. In addition to moisturizing, you’ll want to stay hydrated. Water is not only good for you, but great for your skin and it’s overall appearance. LaBoom’s Shimmer Tan Extender not only extends the life of your tan, but it also gives your skin an extra, healthy glow.

Tip 5: Avoid things that can fade your color

In general, you should not apply perfumes or body sprays directly to your skin. Instead, spray your clothing. Hot tubs and chlorine are also likely to strip color away faster. If you’re on vacation and you want to maintain your gorgeous tan, bring travel-sized tanning product so you can reapply when needed. Avoid waxing or laser hair removal treatments after using self tanner. These activities should be done a day or two prior to tanning application.

A tan look is becoming more of a staple in the beauty industry. Getting that desired look doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be harmful to you. The next time you self tan, be sure to follow our 5 tips for a flawless look and tan like a pro!