LaBoom Ambassador Program

Hello Future LaBoom Ambassador,

Thank you for your interest in joining the LaBoom Team! LaBoom ships Internationally & throughout USA, this means there are many great opportunities for you! When you become an LBA you will receive a code that will work in the USA and Internationally. This will give you the opportunity to reach an even greater target audience and potentially make higher profits. We have also added FREE shipping in USA for purchases over $75, and FREE shipping for purchases over $125 for International. This is off of total, after your code is applied.

Since LaBoom is having such an increase in growth and opportunities, we would like to go over the rules and expectations of being part of the LaBoom Ambassador Program.

As you know LaBoom is present on almost all Social Media platforms and that’s where you come in;

  • Post at least 4 times a month, tagging AND mentioning us in the comment section of any pictures/videos you decide to take with our product to maintain being an LBA(dedicated post to LaBoom ONLY, not promoting other companies such as fitness, clothing, supplements & Etc.)
  • Photograph/video yourself with the given product, preferably before and after you apply the product, or whatever you feel comfortable with, as long as it is emphasizing the tan or showing off the Exfoliator!
  • Create photos/videos of Before & Afters so people can see your results. People love and want to see what the product can do for them and how it works. (A Huge Must)
  • Use the hashtags: #LaBoom, #LaBoomlife, #ItsNotJustaProductItsaLifestyle.
  • Tagging us will let us know you have posted and we can repost on our Social Media. By tagging us in the photos/videos you are consenting to the reuse of your pictures on our Social Media avenues, website included.
  • Leave a Facebook Review on our
  • Add us in your Instagram “Bio” Section
  • An additional perk of promoting LaBoom’s Products is your own personalized promo code for purchases, giving your fans a discount when it is used. The more you post the more you could possibly make! You will be paid commission off of all of your sales and be able to access your chart with earnings payable through PayPal. We payout the beginning of every month based on your sales from month prior.(you must have a PayPal account to be compensated.) 

We do monthly reviews on our Ambassadors Social Media accounts to keep track on who is doing their part. You MUST be tagging us on Instagram to be apart of the LBA program. Posting on FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat… Etc, are all additional media marketing options. We will be checking Instagram to make sure you comply with the LBA program.
Make sure your account is NOT private.

If our LaBoom team feels that an Ambassador is not meeting our expectation, then they will no longer be allowed to participate in our program and removed for our data base.

If you need some motivation or some tips on posting, please feel free to email us.

Here is a little helpful tip to look back on if your having a hard time creating content:
Our Package deals are easy to promote. You can create content that shows people step by step how they should be using each product. Consumers are all visual so if they see how you are using the products, they are going to be eager to purchase each one. You can create videos, add step by step directions in your captions, or add descriptions to your images. If adding descriptions to your images is something you are interested in, we’d be more than happy to help! We will edit the image and even come up with a caption for you. All you will need to do is simply upload image and copy & paste the caption! That’s it! We want you know we are always here to help!

We have featured some of our Ambassador pictures so you can have an idea of what content you can be creating. We would love to have you be apart of our LaBoom Ambassador Program! Help us grow the LaBoom Empire. 🙂

If you are selected to be in this program, next step will be,

  • Filling out the LBA application
  • A picture of your Drivers License (We must have the ID for multiple reasons: Verification of age (Must be 18 or older), you are who you state that you are(not someone stealing an identity, as it happens a lot on media), we must know legal name for cutting the commission checks monthly and we keep them for our records in case somehow we get audited. We keep it sealed in our records only).
  • The Promo Code you would like to use
  • Check out our website to pick out which products you would like to try.

We look forward to reviewing your application!

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