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LaBoom ® Exclusive Self Tanning formula, with DHA & bronzer, will instantly deliver a sunkissed, natural tan. This product includes erythrulose, which helps provide an even, uniform tan to make it last. Vitamin complex A, B, C, D, E along with antioxidants of white tea will help to revitalize your skin.

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1. Shake well before applying.
2. Use in a ventilated area such as a tub, shower, or outside for easy cleanup.
3. Hold 9-12 inches away from your body, and spray in an even, circular movement (use sparingly around ankles, knees & elbow).
4. Make sure to wear darker clothing, as bronzer may wear off onto lighter clothing.

For Best Results:
• Use LaBoom® Exfoliator prior to applying spray
• For optimal results, use LaBoom® Self Tanning Mitt
• Allow 6-8 hours before showering. Your natural looking tan develops gradually.

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