LaBoom Self Tanning Mousse

Quick Self Tan

LaBoom’s exclusive self tanning formula with DHA & Bronzer will instantly deliver the deepest, darkest natural tan. This includes Erythrulose which helps provide an even uniform tan to make it last.

* Warning – LaBoom™ Self Tanning Mousse will stain your hands if not applied by using a mitt. For optimal results use the LaBoom™ Standard Quality Self-Tanning Mitt.

Rare Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Helps vanquish the signs of aging and diminish wrinkles.

Green & White Tea Extracts

Nourishing extracts of green and white tea leave the skin feeling soft and new.

Vitamin Complex

Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E combined with Sodium Hyaluronate to form moisture binding skin protection.


Highest quality tanning agent along with shimmer bronzers give you deepest, darkest natural tan.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Combined with our vitamin complex to create a skin protecting potion that binds moisture to the skin.

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