LaBoom by Crystal features all natural extracts and botanicals for the deepest, darkest tan. Our main goal is to ensure we create a TAN-talizing glow for all of our customers. One thing LaBoom loves even more than looking good is feeling good. Let us know what you think of our products by submitting your very own testimonial for a chance to be featured on our site!

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Paula Forrest

“I literally just finished my first self tanning session. I used the Laboom Self Tanning Lotion and I’m so happy with the results. I have never been a fan of baking in the sun to get the gorgeous tan that I love. The sun ages my skin and we are all trying so hard to slow the aging process. I’m glad I have come across this product. It’s fabulous, smells great and is easy to use. My tan looks amazing. I just have one word to describe this product… FABULOUS!”

Lena Blau

“My absolute fave has got to be the Shimmer Tan Extender for the best golden glow and the tiniest beautiful shimmers – was amazed with the color it gave me and the fact that it has anti aging properties – I’m SOLD! 🙂 An absolute must have if you’re a Goddess.. and you know you are.. “

Audra LaRay

“I LOVE these products! I’m naturally a very goldy-tan and not even tanning bed lotions stain the right color! With LaBoom, it’s like it magically picked up on my natural tan and matched it! I have the Self Tanning Mousse and the Shimmer Tan Extender. They’re both amazing!!! Just make sure that if you have dry skin at all (I have eczema), to moisturize really well before using so that you get a consistently gorgeous tan all over. All in all, it’s a 5 star product.❤️”

Delia Brady

“LaBoom products are amazing! They smell great, feel great and leave your skin looking great! The self tanning lotion is incredibly smooth and moisturizing, while giving you a gorgeous, sexy tan. The shimmer tan extender gives you that extra glow and keeps your tan locked in for longer. Being a fitness freak, I am always mindful of the products that I use. I love the fact that LaBoom products are paraben-free and are composed of natural extracts and ingredients!”

Jennifer V.

“This is by far the best self tanning line I’ve ever used. The products have a refreshing clean scent unlike any of the others I’ve tried and my tan lasts for longer now that I’m LaBoom loyal.”

Leyanet Gonzalez

“I’ve tried SO many self tanners… This one is hands down the best and worth EVERY penny! Non greasy, quick dry… And it smells amazing!”

Nancy Darmstedter

“The entire Laboom line is fantastic. All of the products are easy to apply and have a wonderful fresh scent. You will love the tan color of your skin. The color lasts for days especially when you use the Shimmer Tan Extender!”

Tasha Gallegos

“LaBoom is hands down my favorite self tanning lotion I have ever used. Each product gives you an amazing glow that doesn’t fade! Unlike other self tanners, LaBoom smells GREAT! My skin stays flawless with LaBoom! “

Rowena Madden

“I love the self tanning lotion, it’s the only self tanner I’ve ever used that smells good and doesn’t leave my skin dry! I love to put it on at night and wake up with a beautiful tan!”

Natalie Yefimenko

“Love love love this product! I’ve tried them all and this one takes them all. LaBoom delivers a beautiful bronze color that lasts for days and contains healthy ingredients to improve your skin. Hands down the best high end tanning line available to keep you bikini ready all year long! Loyal customer for life. :-)”

Isabelle Des

“I love the Laboom tanner! It goes on smoothly, dries quickly and smells wonderful. I give this tanner 5 stars!! 🙂 “

Skylar Siegfried

“Oh My God! This is the most amazing self tanner in the world. Not only does it leave me fabulously tan, it leaves my skin feeling nourished and even. I get complimented everywhere and it is definitely an ego booster!!! WAY TO GO LABOOM! if I could give more stars I would!”