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Thank you for being a part of the LaBoom Lifestyle and for your recent order! Your customer support is appreciated. As you may know, LaBoom is a self tanning and skincare company composed of some of the most unique and nourishing ingredients on the market. LaBoom offers a wide range of different application options, each leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft! We offer skincare products made with quality ingredients to deliver a comprehensive and healthy skincare routine. We encourage you to try all of the application options until you find the one the best suits you.

We encourage our customers to participate on our social media platforms, and would love it if you would do so. To participate, please follow the steps below:

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  • Leave a Facebook review! Don’t hesitate to let everyone know how much you love our products! With that being said, we appreciate all feedback! If LaBoom was not up to your standards, or not what you expected, please let us know directly at orders@LaBoom.Life. Our goal is to offer a high-end self tanning experience!