LaBoom Wholesale Program

Ready to carry LaBoom™ Self Tanning Line in your store?

LaBoom™ launched our brand in November 2015. Since then we have made it all over the United States and Internationally. Currently, our company is mainly e-commerce based, however our goal is to grow our brand through retail stores.

LaBoom is proud to be an all Natural-Organic, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, & Cruelty Free Line. Our products deliver a high quality tanning formula for the deepest, darkest natural tan. Each one of our products has skin nourishing extracts and complex vitamins that bind moisture to the skin, while helping diminish signs of aging. Our bronzers will give you an instant deep natural color while your tan gradually develops. All of our ingredients were carefully selected to maintain a healthy tan and replenish your skin.

LaBoom products are proudly made and owned in the USA. Each product has been carefully formulated with premium skin care ingredients to provide a quality product you can not find anywhere else.

LaBoom Exclusive Product Line Includes:
Exfoliator (2 oz & 8 oz)
Self Tanning Lotion (2 oz & 8 oz)
Self Tanning Mousse (4.2 oz & 8 oz.)
Self Tanning Spray
Shimmer Tan Extender (2 oz & 6.5 oz)
High Quality Mitt
Face Sponge

We offer marketing for each of our retailers as well. We do this through our social media and website too. You will be added to our locations page on our website. This gives opportunity to bring your location more marketing and awareness! Feel free to check us out on all social media. 🙂

Samples are available too. And NO joining fee!!

We look forward to reviewing your application.

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